So we made it and survived our first week!


Monday 19th June was one hell of a hectic day –  we literally didn’t stop until midnight because of all the packing and last minute preparations. The van only had its MOT on the same day. Talk about skin of the teeth!

None of it would have been possible without Warren (Holly’s Dad), he is a fountain of all things mechanical. He tuned the van around in about 6 weeks, which is incredible as it had just been sat in a field for almost 2 years doing nothing so the rust had set in. But, with a little determination we all got there in the end.

We owe a big thanks to Holly’s brother also for constructing our bed – kind of a big thing for a endless summer trip! Oh and to Gaynor (Mum) for finding us a memory foam mattress! We were just going to bung a load of mattress toppers in and hope for the best!

Katy’s family were awesome too, they provided us with a fridge and loads of cutlery, bowls and everything we hadn’t bought!  Everyone was amazing during the lead up to us departing. I don’t think they really thought we’d go ahead with it, nor did any of our work colleagues or bosses!

BUT – here we are, sat in a bar with a beer and blogging about the first week!

The drive was awesome, it took us about 1 1/2 days in total as we slept over in a service station after the first day. We put in some miles though and made it pretty far down so in the morning we only had an hours drive to the little ferry in Royan which took us over to Le Pin Sec. After that, it was about an hour to Feral!

The Vansion was incredible, she just kept pulling and pulling the whole way, not even a glimpse of doubt in her! She is so amazing to drive as well, couldn’t have asked for anything better. (When we quote The Vasnsion we have to give all credits to the two Aussies, Brett and Jamie. They think they own it but whatever …)

The weather was absolutely scorching! We were driving in our bikinis it was that hot! Definitely the hottest day by far, but what a day to arrive on 🙂

We hit the surf instantly and found a few feral members of staff down on the beach!

What and awesome feeling it is to be back!

The first week has consisted of Surfing, almost 3 times a day including sunset surfs (which are just divine), eating great food, meeting awesome people and sleeping like absolute babies! We’ve never slept so well! Must be all the sun and hard surfing 😉


We have progressed with our surfing so much over the past week, our pop ups are solid and the art of catching green waves has begun!

Its going to be one epic Summer and its only just begun!

Note: I just had some awesome news that my good friend from work has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy too! It’s a shame I won’t be there too meet him but as soon as I arrive home I will be heading straight up there to introduce myself as crazy Aunty Hozza!

Anyway, we have been sat inside for far too long so we are heading back to do a big shop and then getting back in the sea!

Over and Out