Somehow, i don’t know how, but somehow our trip is only 5 weeks away.

Where have those 10 months gone?

I thought we had ages to wait and all the time in the world to plan this but it turns out we really don’t, i mean 5 weeks and still no where to live yet!

Stress levels are through the roof and someone is about to place a brick through the nearest window (its at that point that we quote Bad Boys and say “woooossaaaa”.

Not sure “Woosaa” will cut it but i know a wise hippie with a statement that would cut it – I won’t go into detail as there isn’t enough web space to describe him.

All were doing is working, working and working but the smell of freedom is literally within touching distance. Im not sure what will happen on the day we leave work for good – what do you do? We’ve quite simply quit everything we’ve ever know for 26/30 years and decided to live in a van for the foreseeable future with no jobs or stability.


We haven’t even thought about what to pack or how many pairs of Vans/Nikes were going to allow ourselves to take! I literally cannot pack for a weekend away never mind an endless Summer!

From past experiences of being in the Sun, all we need is a bikini, a t-shirt and maybe a coat.

As long as the boards are with us I’m sure we will figure the rest out along the way!

We will be heading back down to Newquay for one last trip and to say Aurevoir to all our friends – some we shall be seeing on the other side but as for the others, well, I have no doubt we will be lead back to them!

The Excitement is at its peak now but so is the stress and panic!

However, we are Northerners and what do Northerners say best?