It’s been a while since we last posted so this blog will reflect what we’ve been up too!

Since the last post we have been to Newquay, moved house, worked and argued.

We have been so busy planning and earning money since last year that a lot of other things in our lives have been ignored slightly. It’s hard too keep up with friends, family and down time when we’re always working and it seemed that April was the month we cracked a little. But even so we’ve kept up spirits and moved on from it all, planning is back in full swing and the realisation of what we are actually about to do has hit us. Every day that goes by is another day closer to our journey and we cannot stop smiling.

Whilst in Newquay over the Easter weekend we spent a lot of time out of the water catching up on things we don’t get to do when we’re at home and work. It was a great weekend to relax and eat out with great friends. The only down side was I (Holski) was very ill, the Flu had got me hard and floored me for the majority of the stay. Never the less I was still happy to be in Newquay. It really is a strange place that makes you feel more alive. Katy gained another injury also, she impaled herself on her fin and ripped her wetsuit right on the belly button. Sad faces all round. Nothing that a Gilmore’s Mexican Burrito wouldn’t solve though! As for the wetsuit, it can wait till next winter.

Having the flu was prime time to get some emailing done, we contacted loads of surf camps across Europe in preparation. You guys know about our collaboration with Feral Surf already and we will be staying with them from 21st-28th June, needless to say we cannot wait to get back there! We have also been in contact with Shifting Sands Surf Camp who will be welcoming us in July. We will be working with them to produce some interesting blogs about life on the camp. We will be posting a debut blog with the camp next week so keep a look out.

We got home form Newquay in a right old mess, Katy had caught the Flu and we were both stuck in bed yet again. Maybe it was a sign to slow down for a little while, which is why we’ve not posted. They say you should never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. At least we know all this hard work will be worth while to set us up for a better life.

I saw a video on the internet not long ago, it was only a couple of minutes short but it had a really clear point to be made. It basically said:  At what point in our lives do we accept that this is all it will be? At what point do you become ok with the fact that your life will be no more than what we’re currently experiencing?

OR, at what point in our lives do we decide that it will be more than what we’re currently experiencing? We can sit in our office chairs and day dream about living a better more fulfilling life with adventure and happiness, we can think about it and think about it until we talk ourselves out of it with all the negatives and what if’s, OR we can do it. It doesn’t even mean that we sell our homes and buy a ticket out of here, it just means that we can go out and do what makes us truly truly happy.

We all need money to some degree to be able to do the things we want in life but at the same time it restricts us.

 “Money makes people cautious” Alexander Supertramp, Into the Wild, 2007.

All we are left with are the memories we build, how about we make them worth remembering?

The world is your Oyster.

Good Night