We are super stoked too announce our collaboration with Dysfktn Clothing!

Nathan (Owner) has developed a unique brand over the last 2 years that represents himself and the ever growing urban/street fashion.

He approached me a few weeks back asking about our blog and our journey so i gave him the low down and to my surprise he was so keen to help us. He has been in a very similar situation where he was working for the beast but knew he had ideas and the creativity to develop his own lifestyle and live freely.

His brand is ever growing and has his clothing in a few different stores around the country. The clothing isn’t so much aimed at the Surfing industry but it has a relaxed feel to it so i have great faith that it will get a lot of interest. I think it is always good to reach out into different genres and have a play around and hopefully we can bring some good interest from representing the brand abroad!


Check out the Instagram below:

Dysfktn Clothing

We look forward to the future of working with the brand and we hope you enjoy following our journey also.

Good Night