Happy Friday beautiful people!

Ok so since starting the blog only 3 days ago we have had a very exciting offer – we can’t say much yet but it’s a fab stepping stone for us 🙂 We will post more info about it over the weekend so keep coming back!

Anyway, were currently en route to Newquay for the 5th time this winter, so seeing as I’m in the passenger seat I thought I’d tell you about some of our previous trips!

We first came down for Boardmasters in August last year with a big group of friends, we had an absolute blast and caused chaos on the campsite. I don’t know if any of you have heard of the game “flunky ball”? Well if not then I suggest you get researching – it’s probably the best drinking game for big groups and causes some serious belly laughs!

We mostly spent the weekend surfing Fistral which was a dream as the weather was glorious! You just can’t beat surfing in a bikini! We also pottered about town checking out all the shops (which rock) and trying terribly hard not to buy everything in sight! I think our will power was tested most in The Watershed  – this shop is the definition of cool surf chic. The staff will win you over in an instant and the resident pooch is pretty cute too.

We made a couple of friends from Newquay over the Boardmasters weekend which was great – they have helped us with our surfing loads over the months and kitted us out pretty good too! It’s such a beautiful place filled with great people.

A couple of months passed and we were itching for surf release. We decided to head back down there for Halloween. We met up with some dear friends from Feral Surf and partied like animals. It was a great night and you might think that ending it with a kebab is satisfactory? Well it’s not for us – we decided the night was never going to be complete unless we stripped off and got in the sea. We managed to rope a few locals in with us too! To nobody’s suprise it was freezing cold but utterly hilarious. A few handbags and shoes were left on the rocks but realisation of this soon kicked in when the tide started to creep in! All were rescued in the knick of time! Phew!!

The rest of the weekend was a lot tamer, we mainly chilled out and got some good practice in!
November and New Years Eve were the third and fourth trip to our beloved Newquay. November was pretty tame – we mainly surfed and relaxed. One great night out in the Red Lion topped it off for us. Katy and I are like two performing monkeys on the dance floor – we used to go adults gymnastics class so you can imagine the daft tricks we’ve learnt! (Said daft tricks always rip up the D.floor!!)

NYE was brilliant – this time we had 2 other friends with us! As I’m sure most know, Newquay is well known for fancy dress on NYE. We all decided on Ninja outfits which went down a treat! Most people the next day were asking us if we’d seen 4 sneaky ninjas lurking about town haha.

We started January 1st with a great surf which set us on our way for the rest of the year 🙂

Saturday 3rd Jan – I (Holly) knocked half my front tooth out! I’m going to write a short story about this later as I believe there is some skill involved! That or I’m terribly unlucky haha.

We’ve just hit the dreaded A30 Bodmin road so I’m going to rap this up and get back to tide checking duties! Apparently it is going to be big big surf this weekend – hopefully I won’t lose anymore teeth!

Have a lovely Friday \m/

Kolly and Haty xXx