Lets introduce ourselves:

Katy Griffin, 29 and originally from Derbyshire, UK!

Holly Mather, 26 from Chester, UK! (way better than Derbyshire)…as if!!!

Or you can call us Kolly and Haty!

Instagram: BeachedArtisans

The pair of us became friends almost 2 years ago through Rowing, it was totally wanderlust at first sight! It’s safe to say that we had both been floating about life not really knowing what we wanted, until that glorious day on the river. (I say glorious in terms of the weather – the exercise not so much). We began hanging out loads and taking random trips most weekends to wherever the beast (Katy’s car) would take us. 1 year down the line Katy decides to book a Surf holiday in France for a week – at first I was dubious as I had never surfed but it only took about 30 seconds of her convincing and I was well up for it. I could write a book on how amazing that trip was but for now I’ll let you use your imagination. The Surf Camp was called Feral Surf Tours – if you’re thinking of going on a surf trip then we highly recommend it! It has everything you could need and more! The waves are non stop and the stretch of coast goes for miles and miles! And the Sunset’ are to die for!

Feral basically changed our whole outlook on life – coming home was probably one of the hardest things we’d ever done! I could not stop crying (wimp). At the point we were about to board the plane home, we both knew that everything was going to change from then on. We began planning all our trips to finish summer ’15 off, we even booked to stay in Newquay every month of the winter season! We had been bitten so outrageously hard by the surf bug and boy were we absolutely buzzing about it! As the King of surfing Kelly Slater once said “Surfing Is like the Mafia, once your in, your in, there’s no getting out”. Those words couldn’t be more true even if Jesus spoke them himself!

The hunt for a Van to haul us from country to country began – easier said than done, but if you know what your looking for and have a good knowledge of mechanics you should be fine! OR – you have and awesome Padre who owns the Holy Grail for every vehicle known to man. After looking through the whole of eBay and all the other second hand sites, my Dad came to his senses and said “why don’t you just have my van” … I would like to take this moment to say that this had been my idea since July 2015, but because my dad is obviously male, it took him 7 months to process this thought – thus thinking it was his idea BUT who am I to tell him otherwise after he has saved us a whole load of cash and hassle! All we need to do now is get it through an MOT and transform it into a home away from home.

 So our trusty steed (who has been sat immobile for a good year) is about to be brought back to life and he is going to be better than ever. His name will more than likely be Big Bruce if Katy gets her way – the reason for this is primarily so she can greet him in an Aussie accent every morning (I gotta say I’m pretty stoked about that too).

So as from today 26th January we have around 4 months and 2 weeks until take off! I handed my notice in at work yesterday which was such a liberating feeling. This is the first time I’ve ever taken a big step towards shaping my future (although most normal people would say that quitting your job and security to go live in a van for the foreseeable isn’t a wise choice, however, I like to think (and Katy also thinks) that it is the best choice I could have made). Life always works out if you want something hard enough.

Katy actually has a very good job (Community Psychiatric Nurse), but she also craves something a lot more meaningful and valuable – that something being the freedom to live a life you will remember. Some say I have a good job as a purchasing assistant but in reality I spend my days sat in an office with no windows dreaming about a better life (and surfing)!

It’s actually really crazy that so many of our friends envy what we are about to do, yet they would never take the risk to experience everything the world has to offer. How so many people conform to society and its stereotypical ideas is beyond me. There are over 9 billion of us on this planet and only a very small percentage break the mould. There is more to life than mortgages and working 9-5, spending most of your days staring at the four walls of your sitting room, your fancy car, your swish iPhone and expensive shoes.

Our plan is to become self sufficient so we can work anywhere we want, whenever we want!

During our travels we will be making and selling jewellery, clothing and surfboard socks!

Katy is a trained Silversmith and I am becoming quite handy with a sewing machine! Its crazy what you can learn in a short space of time – where there is a will there is a way!

We hope the word of our journey spreads and you all can enjoy it as much as we will!

Good Night and Stay Rad hombres!

Kolly and Haty xXx